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At A Glance provides:

- domain name registration or transfer
- domain hosting (e.g.
- pop and web-based email accounts
- web hosting with 100 Mb of space or more
- PHP and CGI scripting
- web-based admin panel for your mail and database domains
- FTP access
- mySQL databases on request
- mailing lists / listservs on request
- technical support also provides consultancy and design services.


The Idea provides mail and web server facilities to non-profit organisations. The people we work with include protesters, artists, musicians, film makers, campaigners, researchers, writers, pressure groups, photographers, poets, geeks and farmers. was set up to provide quality webhosting to organisations and ad hoc groups who do good things and have very little money. If you've really got no money and you're doing something we think is cool then you won't get a better web hosting deal. provides services for donations. People we work with give us what they can afford. Money that is donated is used to pay our running costs and to upgrade our equipment. Donations of equipment are also appreciated. is an outernational entity. Our server farms are currently located in the Republic of Ireland and our staff are from earth. is opposed to state or corporate censorship of the Internet and media in general. Unlike other hosting providers we are not a business and are not affected by pressure from large corporate clients. Political censorship in the UK and other western states has so far been conducted by the legal intimidation of hosting providers. Hosting providers are unwilling to go to court to defend their clients' websites, instead they just remove them. While we own the hardware your sites run on, we have no control over the domain IP addresses which remain the property of the ISP we are colocated with. provides unique levels of technical support.


Getting Hosting

To qualify for hosting on servers you must be a non-profit organisation, group or individual. However, being a non-profit organisation, group or individual does not mean you can have hosting on servers, it means that you might be able to. We make decisions about what we host according to what we think is cool.

Write to clearly stating what you or your group or organisation is doing, what you want from and if you were recommended by someone.

We'll get back to you.


Money has no money. We need it. If you are a group or organisation with funding from some grant-giving trust or suchlike why not budget for commercial webhosting in your funding applications and give us all the cash. Support! If those who can pay more do, it means we will be able to survive and grow. Give us what we deserve!



See the contact page for contact addresses.